Access a world-class intelligence capability tailored to your specific needs. Control a multi-million dollar program without the time or expense and solve problems both lasting and acute.

What is Managed Intelligence?

Stop Platform Abuse

Take action to prevent nefarious use of your platform

You Control the Platform

Control the Risk too

Whether to defraud you, support other criminal activity, or just to degrade your brand, attackers misusing your platform have to leave technical indicators of their presence. Enhancing your internal telemetry with our external technical investigations gives you the details you need to remove platform abusers and the risk they represent. 

Next-level Research

Stop playing whack-a-mole and harden your defenses at the infrastructure level

Setting up a new user account may be easy, but criminals are in business to make money, and establishing the infrastructure they use for their attacks is timely and costly. Go beyond the surface with research to identify an attacker’s underlying infrastructure to send them off your platforms for good.

Context-focused Monitoring

Separate the signal from the noise to identify actors that merit your attention

For many platforms, the threat is not one actor, but rather a large number of opportunistic attackers. With context-focused monitoring, understand how actors may be attempting to abuse your platform.  Know where the true threat is coming from and keep your team dedicated to what matters.


Platform Integrity

React quickly to an acute problem to define its scope and inform your response

Non-traditional threats to your business via fraud or platform abuse require a creative response, and as problems scale, so do chances to identify the details needed to respond. Leverage a combination of open source and technical investigations to evaluate all aspects of the attack. Then remove the threat armed with the specific information you need to shut down bad accounts.


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