Platform Abuse

Platforms are the way that businesses interact with employees, partners, and customers. They are the applications that garner access to and protect your business, data, and value. Platforms are the new battlefields where your brand and reputational value is being defended and compromised.

We work with our clients to prevent this using various levels of analysis and attack methodologies. Using our deep understanding of the adversarial mindset, and incorporating both analysis and network operational skill-sets, we help our clients understand who is currently (or likely to be) attempting compromise of your value through your various platforms. We then craft and execute against various attack vectors and compromises of your platform in order to validate real mechanisms of past, current, or future abuse. Lastly, we work with a number of teams in order to craft approaches that can measure, monitor, and mitigate future attempts to compromise your corporate value through the various platforms that your organization relies upon, and engages in business on.


  • Get ahead of regulation and maintain competitive advantage

  • Use defensive measures to reinforce key profit centers

  • Unify missions and goals across teams by bridging across isolated teams.