Our Services

Nisos helps organizations identify, understand and mitigate the key threats.


Secure Your Crown Jewels

Nisos provides a full spectrum of proactive threat-denial operations to secure your digital footprint, deter future attackers and improve your ability to detect and respond to compromise. By blending our three market-leading capabilities to solve complex problems, we are best suited to protect our clients’ intellectual property, reputation, and sensitive data.

Attack Simulation

We simulate an attack on your organization to determine your vulnerabilities and measure your capacity to detect and respond.

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Adversary Detection

Bad actors leave indicators of compromise - we’ll show you how to find them and eliminate the threat.

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Threat Investigation

We identify, collect and analyze and attribute threat actors exploiting your organization and platforms.

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Nisos’ reporting allowed us to measure and reduce our threat surface in a significant way, well above and beyond anything we’d seen from previous partners.
Fortune 50 Company
Reporting and detailed threat investigations of this kind are the first we have seen in our business environment.
Security Manager
Energy Industry
Outstanding work on the attribution. This was exactly what we were hoping for. Really top notch first rate work.
Threat Investigator

Your Needs

We take time to learn your specific needs. What are your unique challenges, goals, and gaps? What do you truly need to protect, and from whom? Nisos uses this information to develop a solution that provides an unassailable advantage.

Our Execution

Nisos delivers a technical advantage with precision. In a world where digital noise can overwhelm, Nisos focuses on remaining impactful, clear and actionable.


Nisos has no rival when it comes to providing superior talent capable of operating at nation state levels of expertise. We provide an unbeatable combination of real-world experience and highly capable analytics and intelligence.