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Insider Threat Webinar

Getting Inside Insider Threats: Response and Mitigation. Stopping malicious or simply incompetent insiders from doing damage isn't just an exercise in analyzing where the damage came from. Insider Threats aren’t just malicious employees. They can run the gamut from incompetent to accidental to theft.


When Trademarks Attack: How To Detect And Disarm Doppelgänger Domains

Jan 23, 2020 9:42:00 PM

Typosquatting remains a vulnerability for phishing attacks against companies.

Cybercriminals have a decided advantage when it comes to tricking the public. The human tendency to gloss over small, yet important, details like a misplaced period or an inverted set of adjacent letters can yield immeasurable value to these so-called typosquatters. Whether prompting speed-readers to head over to an unsafe website, or directing corporate insiders via email to transfer funds, doppelgänger domains continue to vex lawyers and security experts alike.


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