Nisos provides a full spectrum of proactive threat-denial operations to secure your digital footprint, deter future attackers and improve your ability to detect and respond to compromise.

Services Overview

Insider Threat Webinar

Getting Inside Insider Threats: Response and Mitigation. Stopping malicious or simply incompetent insiders from doing damage isn't just an exercise in analyzing where the damage came from. Insider Threats aren’t just malicious employees. They can run the gamut from incompetent to accidental to theft.

We know threats

We know adversaries. We find them.

We attribute them. We stop them.

Your Toughest Problems. Solved.

Understand who is targeting you, why they're targeting you and what their motivations are.

If you have an intellectual property, data, or a brand reputation worth protecting, there is almost certainly an attacker out there looking to take advantage. 

To combat advanced persistent threats, you don't rely on tools and feeds. You understand who is targeting you and why they're targeting you, and what their motivations are. This unique approach has allowed Nisos to develop close working relationships with many of the best-known names in the Fortune 500. 


Nisos recognizes that to protect your business and defend your brand value, you need more than commoditized reports or a fire hose of possible indicators of compromise. Nisos was created with a mandate to be a different kind of security company. Nisos brings an adversarial mindset to the approach, one that combines unique investigative techniques and the ability to not only stop attacks, but to dig deep into the motivations, methods, and true identities of the attackers.

Time to Closure

Getting to closure fast matters to everyone. 

Details Matter

What happened and who was responsible

Complete Visibility

In-depth understanding of events and evidence

Outside the Firewall

Criminal actors continuously develop methods to manipulate tech company platforms for financial gain

Most threats your organization encounters live outside of your network and it is essential to look beyond your environment to understand and mitigate them.

Nisos peels back the layers of complexity and provides timely, actionable and relevant assessments of the threats you face. We excel at detecting and identifying complex and advanced threats wherever they live. 

We’ve seen a thing or two…

Our experience with threat actors is unrivaled in the industry; our investigators have seen the unique and clever as well as the now fairly standard (but still damaging) campaigns you might expect. 

We've seen marketplaces abused by foreign countries. We've seen and attributed the coordinated spread of disinformation to attack a major brands and their C-suite. We've seen pump and dump schemes that have knocked billions of dollars off of their market cap.

Nisos approaches forensic investigations differently - our analytics team works closely with investigators to deeply enrich forensic data and telemetry capable of yielding comprehensive resolutions for our clients.

Nisos Threat Intelligence

Nisos leverages access to a multitude of closed sources – discreet data providers, dark web access, and well-placed partners – to gain a comprehensive understanding of how threat actors are targeting you.


We Dig Deeper

Pulling in data sources, selective device imaging and analysis of forensic data is merely the starting point of what we do. Our analytics team pulls data from open-source intelligence and other proprietary sources that enrich typical forensic data to give you much greater context and confidence.

We can see connections that others miss. And those connections are often the difference between simply reviewing an event and truly understanding how to prevent, attribute and seek damages for an event. This means we can dig deeper and get you more thorough results faster.


Our Team

When it comes to forensic investigations… experience matters. Simply put, experience gets you better results faster. Our analysts are able to dive deeper into the indicators and evidence that bad actors leave behind because they have been tracking sophisticated adversaries for decades.


Comprehensive Methodologies

Identifying sophisticated threats often takes multiple investigative techniques to get results. Using these methods in a programmatic way gets results that are unique to the industry.

Our investigative methodologies cover:

  • Nation-state level open source intelligence methods  
  • Stylometric and content analysis
  • Imagery analysis 
  • Technical analysis
  • Forensics 
  • Human-enabled methods 

It is this comprehensive approach that sets us apart.

Unique Solutions

We provide a team of operators with unparalleled investigative and intelligence experience, access and custom tools.

Unique Tools

Our investigations are technology-enabled. We create custom-built solutions for your organization and the unique threats you face.

Unique People

We live outside the box, applying language skills, legal know-how and nation-state quality tactics to find and mitigate threats.



Attribution is inherently human. Some group or individual is attacking you. 

Our investigators are trained and equipped to enumerate attacker communities or engage with your adversaries directly to elicit information.



Knowing Context

We determine what kind of malicious actor, an insider for example, is responsible for threatening behavior, intellectual property theft, or disclosure to an unauthorized third party.

We help identify and make that determination for our clients and advise on appropriate mitigation steps.


Case in Point

Many people view attribution as limited to cyber and nation-state threats but we increasingly see threat actors who are disgruntled employees, insider threats or otherwise motivated by financial interests.

For example, one large enterprise organization required our assistance attributing a threat actor that was harassing their company and employees in an effort to profit from shorting the stock.

Nisos was able to identify the malicious actors through publicly available means. The findings empowered the company to take legal action and stop the loss.

The Whole Package

Nisos is comprised of a diverse group of operators with diverse backgrounds in law enforcement, government agencies and the private sector. 

Let us treat your emergency like it’s our emergency. Time is your most limited resource. It won’t be wasted with us.

Communication is in Our DNA

Our operators will work with your team and maintain direct communication from start to finish.

We are adept at briefing our work and findings to a variety of stakeholders, from your most technical employees to C-level officers in an organization.

Briefing Experience

Our operators have experience briefing at the highest levels of national security and we enjoy the opportunity to discuss our work, from the HIGH LEVEL to the minutiae of tactics and procedures.

Nisos investigations routinely involve the Dark Web community to better understand active TTPs, identify new and evolving attack types, and test how these attack types respond to countermeasures.


Confidence Delivered

At the end of the day, you need a thorough understanding what occurred and how to remediate. You should have as much attribution as possible about who or what was responsible for the incident. 

Throughout the investigation, we provide one-on-one feedback with our experts, bringing a level of attention to detail few others offer. 

In our reports, we also include assessments regarding motive so you know how to best protect against future attempts.


You should know us.

We know adversaries. We find them. We attribute them. We stop them.

We know them. You should know us.

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