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What is Managed Intelligence?


Cyber Diligence for Mergers & Acquisitions

Three Pillars for Maximum Clarity


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Merging or acquiring a business is a major undertaking. Unknown gaps in cybersecurity can result in more than a simple data grab. Patents, formulas, distribution models and intellectual property have all been the target of recent attacks during an M&A. Know your risks and liabilities surrounding a target company.

Three Pillars

Designed to stand-alone, or complement each other for maximum clarity about an acquisition target


External Network Hygiene and Cyber-Security Diligence

Analyze the attack surface of the acquisition target to uncover any potential red flags.

External Non-Traditional Business Risk Diligence

Conduct a thorough investigation of potential non-traditional business risks.

Comprehensive Compromise Assessment Pre-Network Integration

Conduct a multi-week on-network threat hunt and compromise assessment.

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