M&A Assessment and Diligence

Nisos gives companies a clear picture of the risk they stand to inherit through a merger or acquisition. We perform penetrating due diligence on people, processes and applications on both the buyer and seller sides, and surface issues during asset discovery and risk assessment that can lead to superior transaction outcomes.

Prior to the transaction, our experts conduct a compromise assessment to identify any weak spots in a target’s existing controls. Using Talon, we track the flow of files to determine if there has been any nontraditional data loss — and whether this creates material liability for the acquiring company.

Asset discovery is a unique component of our offering. We work with our client to inventory all assets in the new environment — identifying and eliminating shadow information technology that could undermine their security posture. Our team can devise strategies to improve the posture of the new network to enable secure and smooth integration with the acquirer.

Nisos' Asset Inventory Platform is the premier tool for network mapping and asset discovery. It supports our multi-stage solution of passive scanning, asset tagging and endpoint detection — providing a holistic view of your network and spotlighting gaps in your security.

Using endpoint agent data, Nisos establishes a baseline list of known (and protected) assets on your network. We then deploy the Asset Inventory Platform to scan the enterprise and capture a true, comprehensive blueprint of the network. Comparing both sets of data, along with open and closed source data, we discover existing hosts that lack endpoint protection — indicating they are unaccounted for in your enterprise and are not covered by current security measures.

Nisos’ Asset Inventory Platform plays a vital role in understanding the inherent risk and cost of acquisition that an organization and network infrastructure represent:

  • Automates asset discovery and endpoint detection

  • Supports accurate, comprehensive network mapping

  • Fosters a holistic approach to enterprise security

Nisos’ Asset Inventory Platform is instrumental in detecting shadow IT and improving situational awareness across your enterprise.


  • Reduces uncertainty and risk around major business transactions 

  • Allows companies to quantify whether an asset is worth acquiring 

  • Supports a holistic approach to enterprise security