Insider Threat Response

Nisos applies investigative, forensic, intelligence and legal expertise to define the nature of an insider threat, attribute it to the responsible actor, and collect evidence that supports internal adjudication or legal proceedings.

Our engagements typically begin by helping clients respond to a recent event, and lead on to proactive defense strategies. We work with clients to characterize the incident, assess intent, and identify what data was mishandled and by whom. From there, we are able to assess the level of risk stemming from the event, which informs our remediation strategy. Decades of experience in intelligence and counterintelligence operations sharpen our approach to each insider matter.

Nisos draws on a diverse set of core strengths and addresses threats through multiple lenses – applying technical, legal and behavioral assessments in parallel. We are well-versed in collecting, compiling and delivering a chain of evidence that is invaluable to legal teams. Simultaneously, we provide clear, cogent recommendations to help clients make their organizations more resilient and create a more proactive security posture.

Hawkeye — our software platform to measure, monitor, and mitigate insider threats.

Hawkeye monitors user activity, what they type, view, copy and paste. This allows you to observe suspicious users in your network before they become a threat.

Unlike other user activity monitors, Hawkeye utilizes OCR technology to give you the context you need to identify potential data breaches. It also can facilitate a tiered response, from deployment of our Talon technology, in order to identify the extent of the threat network, to deployment of Hawkeye's remote incapacitation technology, rendering the system useless to the insider while preserving evidence of malfeasance.


  • Applies multi-disciplinary expertise in law, forensics, information security, intelligence, and human behavior

  • Combines reactive investigation with proactive defense measures

  • Conducts product-agnostic, open-source analysis