Incident Response

Nisos operators interrogate a breach to determine the root cause, scope of impact, and ideal defense strategy — while thoroughly and discreetly disabling the actor.

Following an incident, our team takes swift and comprehensive action to gather the right intelligence to inform decision-making. Our immediate priority is to capture all data and preserve any expiring evidence, such as aging historical data. We identify all tools currently available on your network, and which new capabilities are demanded by the situation, generating a capability gap analysis in the process. We them quickly assemble the right resources to respond.

Nisos enhances investigations by knowing exactly where attackers are likely to hide during a breach clean-up, and keeps them in the dark while we interrogate their activity. Once we have stealthily removed them from the network, we establish new, robust protocols to permanently block all points of access.

Our operators work closely with your legal counsel to ensure all activity is covered under privilege, and that all materials are handled in accordance with chain of custody requirements.

Beyond remediation, we aim to understand the breach’s impact — which assets were affected, what disclosures need to be made, and how defensive measures can be strengthened.


  • Thorough remediation of the threat 

  • A programmatic response that we adapt to your specific threat landscape

  • Product agnostic; ready to devise solutions with whatever tools are available*

    *While Nisos is product-agnostic, we have partnerships with best-of-breed technology providers. We can apply their tools at no additional cost and do not receive reseller commissions.

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