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What is Managed Intelligence?

Forensic Investigations

We dig deeper and get results faster


Comprehensive Approach

Nisos approaches forensic investigations differently-our analytics team works closely with investigators to deeply enrich forensic data-equating to telemetry capable of yielding comprehensive resolutions for our clients.

Time to Closure

Getting to closure fast matters to everyone. 

Details Matter

You need facts: what happened, when it happened and who was responsible

Complete Visibility

Get an in-depth understanding with a timeline of events and evidence


We Dig Deeper

Pulling in data sources, selective device imaging and analysis of forensic data is merely the starting point of what we do.

Our analytics team pulls data from open-source intelligence and other proprietary sources that enrich typical forensic data to give you much greater context and confidence.

We can see connections that others miss. 

And those connections are often the difference between simply reviewing an event and truly understanding how to prevent, attribute and seek damages for an event.

This means we can dig deeper and get you more thorough results faster.

Our clients rely on us to get in quickly, show them what happened and make the right recommendations about how to close up any vulnerabilities.
Willis McDonald
Vice President, Nisos
We have the unique ability to come into a situation and draw detailed conclusions from what is often a single piece of evidence.
Vice President Nisos

Our Team

When it comes to forensic investigations… experience matters. Simply put, experience gets you better results faster.

Our analysts are able to dive deeper into the indicators and evidence that bad actors leave behind because they have been tracking sophisticated adversaries for decades.


You should know us.

We know adversaries. We find them. We attribute them. We stop them.

We know them. You should know us.

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