Executive Risk Diligence

We assess physical and cyber risk around high-profile clients who are subject to existing threats or are potential threat targets. Our experts evaluate an individual’s digital footprint and propose measures to improve their security posture.

Nisos approaches each engagement from an adversary’s point of view. We explore what a threat actor could learn about our client (and those close to them) and determine how that information could be used against them. This involves assessing the client’s digital activity, and that of their family members; evaluating their residential and professional environment for possible vulnerabilities; and observing how they use technology when traveling to high-risk locations.

After a tailored analysis, we help our client and those in their inner circle take steps to reduce their susceptibility to an attack. This includes making recommendations for stronger network and device security, as well as advising on leading practices for social media use, credential management, and other online habits.


  • Discreet, highly secure engagements

  • Analysis from the attacker’s perspective

  • Understanding of the nuance of diverse threats across the globe