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What is Managed Intelligence?


Counter Disinformation 

Detect coordinated attacks to inform business decisions


Separate Fact from Fiction

Disinformation actors may go to great lengths to confuse a narrative, but the nature of their attacks requires them to leave behind technical artifacts. Combining disinformation expertise with technical investigative techniques can provide the details you need to move the business forward.


Connect Coordinated Campaigns

Understand how widespread the problem really is to respond accordingly

Not all disinformation campaigns are made equal, but the sophisticated ones will try to make it seem like they have hundreds or thousands of supporters. Use technical research to link the infrastructure - social media accounts, blogs, emails and more - attackers are using to amplify their messaging. Then inform your response to address the true scope of the problem.


Attribution Matters

Identify the actor to stop the attack

For financially motivated disinformation actors, there are a variety of legal and public relations options to stop an attack. Leverage our attribution methodology to de-anonymize the accounts responsible for spreading disinformation and take action to end the threat. 


Proactive Monitoring

Stay ahead of persistent threats to plan business strategy with what’s coming in mind

For widespread disinformation problems, actor groups will use the internet to plan and coordinate campaigns. With proactive monitoring you’ll understand the narratives that are coming and how they will be spread to effectively limit the campaign’s impact.








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