Data Loss Detection and Tracking

We tailor our asset protection engagements to fit the nature of each client’s environment. Whether your company’s corporate value is concentrated in IP, financial data, or other high-value proprietary information, Nisos helps you detect the loss of positive control over these assets, track when they leave your environment, and see where they have gone. We use Talon, our proprietary platform, to do this at scale and provide insights beyond conventional solutions, such as data loss prevention (DLP).

Talon — our software platform detects and tracks data exfiltration.

Talon tracks the location of your most valuable files on and off your network. It supports attribution by documenting a file’s chain of ownership — using metadata to illuminate where it has been, where it is now, and who touched it last.

We designed Talon to pick up where traditional DLP products leave off. Unlike many DLP tools that focus on the known channels of exfiltration, Talon instead employs file-centric tracking mechanisms to identify the loss, no matter the method or vector.

We deploy Talon to protect our clients’ most valuable assets — such as intellectual property or client data — that should never leave your positive control.

If digital file assets are opened outside your network, Talon tells you when they left, who accessed them last, and what content was viewed. This allows us to readily assess the point of data compromise.

Nisos uses these insights to help clients rapidly quantify legitimate risks and advise them on the appropriate course of action.  


  • Collects external data legally, without the use of remote code execution

  • Streamlines data capture; detects and visualizes patterns in large volumes of highly granular metadata

  • Provides a detailed chain of evidence for use in attribution, threat assessment, and legal proceedings