Compromise Assessment

Nisos detects, triages and diagnoses malicious activity on your networks.

In our compromise assessment, we interrogate your environment to detect evidence of past or ongoing intrusions. Our experts have a superior track record of determining whether an organization is already compromised, and to what degree.

We use a multi-disciplinary approach in our assessment — applying advanced tools, forensic techniques, and behavioral expertise to determine the motive and method of attack. We remove the threat from the network in an organic fashion so the attacker believes their access was lost naturally, reducing the probability of retaliation.

Our work in the intelligence and defense communities has honed our understanding of the adversarial actor. We are uniquely equipped to hunt for any level of threat and use actors’ own tactics against them to strengthen your defense.


  • Provides a clear, tangible picture of security posture

  • Helps clients take evidence-based action to mitigate risk

  • Identifies and solves persistent security issues that other approaches may miss