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Data Leaks and Exposure

Unmasking Adversaries Leaking Trade Secrets

A Nisos client faced a critical challenge when a social media account surfaced, claiming access to sensitive trade secrets leaked from within the client’s factory. The individual behind the handle asserted the possession of “anonymous sources” with insider knowledge of the client’s confidential information.
Why Nisos:
Nisos brings a wealth of knowledge to every case and has extensive experience conducting rapid and thorough investigations into online threats and data breaches. With access to an advanced intelligence database and cutting-edge analytical tools, we can swiftly uncover crucial clues and identify individuals behind online personas, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the threat landscape.

Our seasoned analysts are adept at combining manual analysis, subscription databases, and technical tools to deliver precise and actionable results.


  • Nisos delivered a comprehensive report to the client, providing actionable insights from the investigation.
  • Within a concise timeframe, Nisos furnished the client with a probable attribution report, empowering them to perform internal telemetry analysis.
  • The client swiftly confirmed the source of the leaked information, enabling them to take necessary measures to address the breach effectively.

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Rooting Out Insiders Selling Access

Nisos identified threat actors targeting client, preventing sensitive data compromise and improving their security posture.


Protecting CEO from Targeted Harassment

Proactive PII removal and security recommendations mitigated imminent threats to the CEO, ensuring ongoing protection with continuous threat monitoring.


Identifying Bomb Threat Source

Nisos unearthed several imminent physical security threats and helped develop internal watch lists for law enforcement coordination.