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Protecting CEO from Targeted Harassment

A Nisos client executive suffered persistent and escalating harassment from an unidentified threat actor. The aggressor targeted the CEO through harassing communications across personal and business telephone numbers, email addresses, and social media accounts. Concerns escalated regarding the CEO’s physical safety and potential exposure of sensitive information. This prompted the client to task Nisos to identify the perpetrator and help mitigate the threats.
Why Nisos:
Nisos possesses extensive experience and expertise addressing complex cyber threats and providing protective intelligence. Leveraging advanced tools and methodologies, we conducted thorough research and analysis to identify imminent threats and vulnerabilities. Our team’s proficiency in executive threat assessment and protective intelligence processes enabled the client to develop swift strategies to safeguard the CEO and his associates.


  • Research and validation of imminent threats revealed surveillance on the CEO’s residence, prompting proactive measures to enhance security.
  • An executive threat assessment uncovered vulnerabilities, such as easily discoverable personally identifiable information (PII) and weak email security measures.
  • Nisos successfully reduced current and future risks by removing publicly-facing PII, recommending changes to email addresses, passwords, and phone numbers, and providing comprehensive guidance for ongoing protection and threat prevention.
  • The client implemented recommendations including adding ongoing threat monitoring, ensuring continuous vigilance against emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

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