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Illicit Activities

Identifying Bomb Threat Source

During routine monitoring of threats in the dark web, open web, and social media channels, Nisos unearthed several imminent physical security threats and immediately alerted the client. These threats had previously eluded detection by the client’s security team and their other threat intelligence vendors.
Why Nisos:
Nisos employs a differentiated approach to intelligence gathering. Our exhaustive coverage and expertise in deep and dark web infiltration techniques enable us to uncover critical threats that may otherwise remain hidden. We triage alerts, analyze profiles related to Persons of Interest (POIs) and Groups of Interest (GOIs), and employ human-driven analysis. Nisos ensures the identification and prioritization of plausible threats, providing our clients with actionable intelligence to mitigate risks effectively.


  • We identified bomb threats and direct threats to the client’s executive team, enabling the client to develop internal watch lists and coordinate with law enforcement to address physical threats.
  • We discovered the sale of the CEO’s social security number on deep web markets and potential attempts to compromise the client’s digital infrastructure. The client then implemented a credit freeze, monitoring services, and periodic netflow reviews.
  • Nisos recommended best practices to reduce the likelihood of compromise to the client’s digital infrastructure, enhancing the client’s security posture and resilience against emerging threats.

More Success Stories

Providing Industry-Focused Threat Landscape Assessment

Nisos’ comprehensive security assessment uncovered various emerging threats and vulnerabilities within the client’s industry to guide their security roadmap.


Disrupting Bot Developers

Nisos’ digital investigation empowered our client to fortify their platform’s security, successfully removing a fraudulent application and preventing further malicious activities.


Unmasking Adversaries Leaking Trade Secrets

Nisos quickly identified the source of a data breach, enabling our client to address the security threat swiftly.