Data Driven Executive Protection

by | Apr 27, 2020 | Case Study, Executive Shield

The Challenge

Nisos was tasked to acquire additional information on a threat actor making violent threats against a big tech company’s executive leadership.

Why Nisos

The client understood Nisos employs analytic experts with years of threat mitigation expertise working counterterrorism, counternarcotics, information operations and other investigative domains. Nisos operators are experts at collecting and fusing information from diverse datasets to make the most comprehensive and accurate threat assessment.


The Client provided the following questions:

  1. Does the threat actor have any aliases or additional social media/online profiles?
  2. Is there any additional biographical information on the threat actor such as addresses, phone numbers, vehicle information, criminal records, etc?
  3. Is there any known travel and/or travel patterns for the threat actor?
  4. Has the threat actor made any social media posts about Client’s personnel and/or assets?


We assessed how the threat actor shifted their obsessive tendencies displayed on social media accounts from Client’s senior leadership to another foreign leader sometime in a two year period. A review of their social media postings revealed no evidence of violent or dangerous behavior. We found that the threat actor controlled numerous social media accounts including a suspended Twitter account meant to impersonate Client’s CEO and was active on a separate private social media account fixated on the foreign leader.

We identified all of the threat actor’s relevant PII and were also able to piece together recent travel history for the threat actor that included mainly Eastern European destinations based on social media analysis. Finally, we were able to secure the actor’s arrest records from sensitive sources indicating the individual did not have a history of violence.


Using our analysis, the Client was able to limit additional spend and resource allocation to pursue the threat, operating with confidence that their executives were safe and the actor was not a legitimate threat to translate online actions to real-world events.

About Nisos

Nisos is the Managed Intelligence™ company. Our services enable security, intelligence, and trust and safety teams to leverage a world-class intelligence capability tailored to their needs. We fuse robust data collection with a deep understanding of the adversarial mindset delivering smarter defense and more effective response against advanced cyber attacks, disinformation, and abuse of digital platforms.

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