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What is Managed Intelligence?


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Considerations for Measuring the Return on Investment of Cyber Threat Intelligence

By Landon Winkelvoss on Jul 19, 2020 4:48:19 PM

Security operations centers across the world are consumed with how to measure the return on investment of threat intelligence. There are different schools of thought, but we favor a model that measures actionable events. 

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Three Considerations for Measuring Return on Investment from Threat Hunting

By Landon Winkelvoss on Jul 8, 2020 10:26:06 AM

Threat hunting often has ill-defined metrics for organizations attempting to measure “return on investment.” If an analyst isn’t finding bad actors in the environment, leadership may question the value they are bringing. If they are finding a lot of actors, leadership may question how effective they are at their job if incident response is constantly being called for false alarms. Furthermore, questions will arise, depending on how long the actors were present in the network, the severity of the breach and if disclosures need to occur.

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