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What is Managed Intelligence?


3 min read

An Introduction to Honeypots

By Landon Winkelvoss on Oct 4, 2020 7:23:24 PM

In our latest blog series, we discuss how threat intelligence can be applied smarter for medium sized organizations with limited resources. We discuss ways to proactively detect threats beyond subscribing to information feeds that require a lot of resources to aggregate and ingest into SIEMs.

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2 min read

Making Threat Intelligence Useful for Medium-Sized Enterprises

By Landon Winkelvoss on Sep 28, 2020 9:55:15 AM

Medium-sized enterprises that don’t have sophisticated security operations teams typically focus on the basic blocking and tackling of information security: policies around financial controls, incident response plans, data retention policies, disaster recovery around user access, lifecycle management policies.

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