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What is Managed Intelligence?


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Podcast Platitudes

By Landon Winkelvoss on Sep 2, 2020 11:56:49 AM

Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving industry tackling some really challenging problems. Here at Nisos we truly feel that it is necessary to learn from the best at every opportunity, and we try to ensure that all of the material we present makes its consumers better at their jobs the day they consume it.

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What is Digital Identity Reduction and Why Does it Matter?

By Seth Arthur on Sep 1, 2020 4:32:29 AM

The amount of information openly available on the internet about any given individual is staggering. 

More and more, privacy and online security are brought into the limelight and people are becoming more protective of their online presence. We urge our family, friends, and colleagues to follow general safety guidelines such as to use complex passwords, change them often, turn off geolocation services, and set profiles to private.

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