Robert Raines

VP of Engineering

Robert Raines joined Nisos in 2018 where he leads both information systems and the development teams. Nisos developers are building an innovative platform to integrate the multitude of sources Nisos analysts use to manage intelligence. An internal API built in Python Flask and hosted in Amazon Web Services(AWS) supports query mechanisms including analyst UIs built with React and Typescript/Javascript.

To enable scale and agility, Nisos leverages multiple data platforms including AWS OpenSearch and PostgreSQL. On the other side, the Information Systems supports Nisos’s fully remote workforce through a number of SaaS platforms including for Single Sign-On (SSO), communication and productivity, mobile device management (MDM), and complex virtual private networks (VPNs). Further, the team develops and follows an information security risk management framework to build a robust infosec posture. Nisos’s security controls include industry-leading endpoint detection and response (EDR), security information and event management (SIEM), and anti-phishing controls.

Before Nisos, Robert supported the U.S. Intelligence Community as a systems architect, data engineer, and intelligence analyst. He has lectured at George Mason University on law and policy for big data.