Landon Winkelvoss

Co-Founder, Nisos

Landon Winkelvoss co-founded Nisos in 2015 and serves as its VP of Intel Research. His vision as a founder was to deliver intelligence community-level digital insights to blue-chip companies to enable a stronger defense and more effective response against advanced cyberattacks, disinformation, threats to executives and physical assets, and abuse of digital platforms.

Prior to founding Nisos, he spent 10 years as a Technical Targeting Officer for the U.S. Intelligence Community, including multiple warzone deployments and overseas postings. Landon is a regular contributor to numerous publications on cyber intelligence and investigations including SecurityWeek, Dark Reading, and SC Magazine.

He is also the host of The Cyber5 and Know Your Adversary podcasts designed to educate and highlight security best practices and notable cybercrime investigations.

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