Jennifer DeTrani

General Counsel/EVP

Jennifer DeTrani is General Counsel/EVP, Corporate Secretary and Head of Culture of Nisos, a Managed Intelligence™ company that focuses on helping clients develop an effective response to advanced cyber threats. 

Jennifer is a visiting fellow at the National Security Institute at George Mason University’s Law School, and serves on the executive leadership team of SunLaw, a non-profit that focuses on the education and advancement of in-house leaders. Jennifer has a demonstrated history of creating mission-driven results in the cybersecurity, information technology, secure communications, and software industries. In addition to building in-house teams, she focuses on  compliance, innovation, outreach and education within the legal community, with a focus on technology, security and privacy.

Prior to Nisos, she co-founded a secure messaging company, Wickr, ran a solo law practice, practiced corporate law in BigLaw and served as a federal prosecutor at the Department of Justice.