Access a world-class intelligence capability tailored to your specific needs. Control a multi-million dollar program without the time or expense and solve problems both lasting and acute.

Services Overview

Insider Threat Webinar

Getting Inside Insider Threats: Response and Mitigation. Stopping malicious or simply incompetent insiders from doing damage isn't just an exercise in analyzing where the damage came from. Insider Threats aren’t just malicious employees. They can run the gamut from incompetent to accidental to theft.

Security Testing

Learn your weaknesses before the adversary does.


This is the Nisos Advantage.

Our operators are hand-picked experts, each with in-depth experience in offensive cyber operations.

Our teams have been the adversary before giving them direct relatable experience. Our operators use this hard-won knowledge, along with tools favored by threat actors, to simulate the full breadth of sophisticated attack.

Nisos attack simulation is the ultimate tool your organization can use to raise security posture and improve response time to real threats.

Our Expertise Makes the Difference

Nisos has one of the highest concentrations of former U.S. Government offensive operators, each of whom have deep experience as de facto nation-state threats. We operate with a level of creativity unmatched in the private sector, calling on deep knowledge of various environments and techniques to ensure the results and analysis you receive are comprehensive and impactful.

We increase the value of our findings and recommendations by ensuring the output is digestible by business leadership. Our reporting translates the technical aspects of the simulation to the practical impacts to corporate value.

Penetration Testing

True pen testing requires people with advanced skill sets and experience to effectively compromise your digital infrastructure. Our operators go in blind and take down the most secure networks to giving you the most holistic understanding of your gaps and vulnerabilities.

Red Team

Our Red Teams take on your organization holistically from top to bottom. The team you turn to when you absolutely, positively need to know where your defenses are vulnerable. Nisos operators bring real-world attack experience to your organization that no one else in the industry can offer.

Purple Team

We work collaboratively with your blue team to simulate adversarial activity on your network, measure your ability to detect, respond to and mitigate the malicious activity and identify gaps that leave you vulnerable to attack — all in real-time.

Physical Security Assessments

We assess your security hardware and access control systems, as well as put your personnel and procedures to the test to better illustrate where you’re vulnerable and how best to mitigate the threats.

Social Engineering

We show you how attackers can compromise your security and steal essential data through careful and thorough reconnaissance of your digital footprint and the social media activity of your employees and leaders.

App & Cloud Security

Your attack surface is so much more than just your network hardware. Nisos’ operators will evaluate your existing application stacks and cloud assets to ensure your assets are safe from attackers.


Malicious Actors Want In

Determined, organized and professional adversaries will try to get into your network-and may already be there. We are experts with real-world experience figuring out how to compromise your network using a variety of techniques in order to provide insight into your specific security vulnerabilities. 

Malicious actors will get in and try to run a long game. Don’t let them. 

We make sure your team understands:

  • How we conducted our attack
  • What vulnerabilities exist
  • Whether the response from your security team was appropriate

We make sure it’s clear your team understands what an attack could mean to the enterprise and how they can continue to readdress vulnerabilities through living playbooks and remediation.

Human Interaction

Effective pen testing requires experienced people that truly understand the attacker mindset


Our pen testers have real-world experience gaining access to complex and sophisticated networks

Diligent Testing

Malicious actors are sophisticated and persistent. Our pen testers are too. We won’t stop at the first vulnerability

Diverse Techniques

Our pen testers run the gamut of techniques to compromise your network

Actionable Reports

In-depth reporting gives you a high level of detail with confidence and context


Robust conversations to educate your analysts and answer any follow-on questions


Our Team

Our operators have unmatched skills derived from decades of experience within private industry, law enforcement and intelligence agencies. 

We are well versed in adversary techniques and tactics based on real-world observations and experience.

We are committed to working with your team for as long as it takes to understand the exercise.

Our experience working within these organizations internationally gives Nisos the advantage of rapidly delivering high quality, defensible results.