Attack Simulation

One security incident could be catastrophic for your company.

Through advanced threat simulation, we not only discover — but also demonstrate — the scope, scale and gravity of a potential incident. To accurately mimic the kind of crisis that our clients may face, we tailor our approach to each client’s business and to their specific threat surface area.

Nisos offers a thorough understanding of the adversarial mindset, allowing us to operate with stealth and sophistication, and to profile our clients’ infrastructure and users undetected. Our team then devises custom approaches considering the real attack vectors used against each client’s business. We show all of our work — demonstrating the real risk involved, and the ideal countermeasures.



Using as much or as little information as your organization desires to share, we approach your company as an adversary would — observing it at all angles, and evaluating the people, processes, and technologies we encounter to identify the best course of attack.


We conduct advanced network reconnaissance by replicating an attacker — hunting for vulnerabilities, measuring an organizations ability to respond effectively, and identifying methods and attack vectors that malicious actors use to circumvent your defensive measures.


We show you where and how you’re at risk, and propose the best strategy for remediation. Our reporting provides a complete capture of our activities, findings, and proposed actions to prevent similar vectors of compromise. We work with your team to help evaluate technology, processes, and procedures based on the available budgetary resources.

Client Engagement