Adversary Detection

Nisos works with clients to detect, triage, and diagnose malicious activity targeting your organization, whether from the outside or within.

Using a number of proprietary and industry tools, we interrogate your infrastructure to detect evidence of past or current intrusions.

We use a multi-disciplinary approach in our assessment — applying advanced tools, forensic techniques, and behavioral expertise to determine the motive and method of a compromise. We then work with our clients’ teams to remove the threat from the company.

Our cumulative experience in public and private sectors has honed our understanding of adversarial methods. Our ability to hunt for any level of threat and use an actor’s own tactics against them to strengthen your defense is unparalleled in the industry.


Tool Evaluation & Deployment

We are a technology-agnostic organization and work with the tools that our clients invest in. We also bring tools - both custom built and commercially best-of-breed - to our clients’ environments to provide additional insights that are necessary for adversarial detection. We work with your team to fuse the capabilities of your security platform with other necessary technology to maximize ability to detect adversarial activity.

Advanced Threat Hunting

We conduct advanced network reconnaissance by playing the role of an attacker — hunting for vulnerabilities and identifying methods and attack vectors that malicious actors could use to circumvent your defensive measures.


We show you where and how you’re at risk, and propose the best strategy for remediation. Our reporting provides a complete capture of our activities, findings, and proposed actions to prevent similar vectors of compromise

Client engagement