Access a world-class intelligence capability tailored to your specific needs. Control a multi-million dollar program without the time or expense and solve problems both lasting and acute.

What is Managed Intelligence?

Adversary Detection

Because you can’t fight what you can’t see…

Dig In. Dig Deep.

Nisos knows how to target threats inside or outside of your organization and eliminate them. Our targeting is technology-agnostic, and thorough. We not only help you find threats but can show you how to discover indicators of compromise already inside of your environment.

Adversary Detection Because you can’t fight what you can’t see….

Holistic Targeting

Nisos knows that today’s cyberthreat is asymmetric and unbound by the constraints of law or any sense of “fair play.” In response, our security operators apply a multi-disciplinary approach that leverages our expertise in security forensics, operational intelligence, law and human behavior to best protect your organization. We show you how to turn reactive investigations into ongoing proactive defense measures that will keep your organization safer — longer.


Advanced Threat Assessment

Sometimes the best way to find an attacker is to put yourself behind their keyboard.

Nisos operators use their thorough understanding of the adversarial mindset to hunt for vulnerabilities in your infrastructure and platforms.

We identify the likely avenues of approach and key vulnerabilities that put you at risk, then help you eliminate those threats in detail.

Incident Response

Response times are critical and Nisos works with you to craft the support your organization needs.

Our blended approach makes the difference with a remote first option, then on-the-ground, which gives us the ability to respond on your network immediately.


Our holistic approach to forensics starts at the traditional examinations of devices and logs then uncovers the deeply hidden trail of evidence.

Knowing the details quickly with accuracy requires the expertise Nisos has on hand.

Insider Threats

No threat offers more potential for catastrophic damage than the one posed by malicious insiders that operate from legitimate positions of access within your environments.

Nisos offers a full-range of assessments and forensic engagements to mitigate insider threat.

Tool Evaluation & Deployment

Tools are a necessary part of any security professional’s arsenal. At Nisos, we work with the tools you already have because we understand that it’s not always easy, or affordable, to discard systems already in place. We bring our best-of-breed, in-house tool sets together with yours to maximize your ability to find and eliminate threats.