Adversarial Attribution

Following an attack, Nisos conducts an extensive investigation into the actor’s identity and location. We work inside and outside your enterprise environment to capture thousands of diverse data points — clues that, together, provide a more complete picture of the threat actor.

Nisos analyzes historical data, digital evidence, and behavioral patterns from our trusted outside sources. We are uniquely able to interrogate an environment and pinpoint the most telling details — allowing us to find meaningful correlations within the actor’s online footprint.

Our methods reflect a rare blend of technical network operations, forensics, content analysis, profiling, open-source intelligence collection, and network analysis. Additionally, we have the legal acumen to ensure that our intelligence delivers the maximum amount of insight that is lawfully attainable.

This expertise — along with our access to unique data sets — gives Nisos a comprehensive ability that is uncommon in our field. As a result, we attribute threats with unprecedented precision.


  • Conducts reconnaissance lawfully outside of your network

  • Produces a chain of prosecutorial evidence to support legal proceedings

  • Allows leadership to demonstrate diligent and accountabile action to stakeholders