About Us

We are a team of operational experts with a depth of experience ranging between the public and private sectors. Since forming Nisos in 2015, we have grown into an enterprise of over 50 full-time operators in Alexandria, VA(HQ); New York, NY; Atlanta, GA; and San Francisco & Los Angeles CA.


Our mission: to defend society from active and persistent threat.

Over the last decade, we observed threat actors shift their focus from government to commercial targets, and yet saw little indication that the private sector was prepared to handle these threats. Moreover, we believe the low signal-to-noise ratio in the product and services market does a disservice to the global community.

We are dedicated to cutting through the noise to provide genuine security to our clients and answers to their intractable problems.


For years we have seen the commercial sector outpaced by threat actors for a number of reasons. The increasing gap in capability and skill sets often limit a company's ability to meaningfully and lawfully respond to an attack. We founded Nisos to help bridge that gap. Our Active Defense services help companies navigate their most critical and existential threats.

Our culture is cross-functional, expert driven, and built on diverse backgrounds and skillsets. Our team is composed of Network Operators (white-hat hackers & forensics experts), Information Operators (open source/geopolitical analysts & collection experts), and Technologists (software engineers & data scientists), whose combined efforts yield Nisos’ technology-enabled Active Defense Services, built for your organization’s needs. Working together, we can defeat your adversaries and level the playing field.


We help our clients defend their organizations, preserve value, prevent loss, and defeat and attribute threats.

Through our in-depth understanding of the adversarial mindset, we approach your organization and value centers as an attacker would, and provide you in-depth insights into how someone could compromise your value. We are familiar with the unfamiliar and our methodology doesn’t rely solely on rigid formulas or off-the-shelf products to solve a problem.

Under the banner of Active Defense, we use the attacker's tactics, technologies, and procedures against them.


We service many industries and are product-agnostic. We are highly selective about who we work with, and we value enduring relationships over transactions. We build long-lasting relationships with our clients to keep them and their business platforms secure.

We seek partners who have a genuine desire to understand, quantify and shrink their threat surface area, and who recognize the need to address their security matters head-on. We do not list client logos on our site; we closely protect our client relationships and do not disclose who we work with.